Port Approved For New Funding

The Port of Palm Beach recently announced that it has been approved for $7,876,000 in funding toward its capital improvement plans.

Included in the new funding is $4.6 million for the expansion and infrastructure improvement of Berth 17; $275,000 for additional refrigerated container (reefer) plugs; and $3 million for the expansion and infrastructure improvements of Berth 1.

The funds secured in fiscal year 2013 are in addition to the money that the port secured for the $26 million expansion and improvement of the Slip 3 project, which is fully funded and well underway.

“Improving our infrastructure allows the Port of Palm Beach to maintain our position as an economic engine for the citizens of the Port of Palm Beach District,” said George Mastics, chairman of the Port of Palm Beach.

Executive Director Manuel Almira said that the port will do what is necessary to maintain its position as a leading economic engine in Palm Beach County.

“The port must continue to identify and secure any possible funding to contribute to the stability and growth of our current tenants’ business while also enabling us to market to new businesses,” Almira said. “We have to accommodate the needs of the industry to capture our share of the business.”

For more about the Port of Palm Beach, visit www.portofpalmbeach.com.