Are You Sleeping With The Enemy?

Wellington resident Cheryl Alker recently made an alarming discovery about the most used and trusted piece of furniture in her home, and the realization prompted her to start a new business.

Her journey began two-and-a-half years ago when she and her family of four moved into a new home.

“We moved into the house in June, and by early September, I came down with a cold,” Alker recalled.

Obviously, there is nothing unusual about the common cold, but what followed were nine months of relentless sickness for not only her, but her husband and two children. “At first I just thought we were passing our germs amongst each other,” she said.

But it was the comment “you don’t think it’s the house that’s making you sick” made by her sister and a family friend that sparked Alker’s interest.

Tests showed that the house had mold, and when the family moved out of the house the following June, their persistent headaches, coughs and high temperatures disappeared.

“I found it remarkable that our house had made us so sick,” she said. “I was determined to find out if there was anything else that we were living with that could cause persistent illness or allergic reactions.”

Her dissection of the possible allergens in a normal home led her to the discovery that she and her family were actually “sleeping with the enemy” in the form of dust mites living in mattresses.

A joint conference of the American and Canadian Lung Associations found that microscopic dust mites, feeding on dead skin flakes that accumulate in the typical bedroom mattress, are causing allergy and asthma attacks at alarming levels. The findings, along with extensive medical evidence, showed that dust mites excrete a compound called guanine, which has been found to be a dominant cause of most allergies, and other maladies, such as asthma, eczema, hay fever, bronchitis and more.

Unfortunately, simply vacuuming a mattress does not eliminate the dust mites. However, the Hygienitech process successfully eliminates the contaminants.

The Hygienitech process is a low-cost, safe, chemical-free, allergen eliminating service that combines high frequency, pulsating waves, incredible suction and a patented, high-intensity germ killing, germicidal lamp to pulverize and extract dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, harmful organisms and other sediment that accumulates in mattresses and upholstered items. The process is dry and chemical-free process, so there’s no odor and no drying time.

The test for dust mites takes minutes to perform and is now available free to area residents. To register for your free, in-home, no-obligation test, visit www.freehomeallergen or contact Alker directly at