Make Sure You’re An Informed Voter

With less than a month left before the March 11 municipal elections in Wellington and Royal Palm Beach, voters will have the opportunity to learn about their possible representatives in three races — two in Wellington and one in Royal Palm Beach.

When the qualifying period ended this week, two candidates were seeking each available seat on the Wellington Village Council, while four candidates qualified for the mayor’s seat in Royal Palm Beach. The races are officially on, and it’s important that voters sit up and take notice of what each candidate has to say.

Leading up to the election, there will be plenty of information about each candidate and their views released in the media, including the Town-Crier’s traditional election profiles. By keeping up on the issues, voters will be able to evaluate who they feel will best represent them. Despite traditionally low voter turnout in local elections, the matters debated by local municipalities tend to affect voters most directly.

One of the best ways for voters to evaluate candidates is during the forums that typically occur before the vote. Forums are important opportunities for residents to ask questions and see candidates think on their feet while answering and responding to opponents.

Unfortunately, Wellington residents may not get the chance to compare candidates in a live debate this year. Out of the proposed forums, several will only feature two candidates, one for each seat. One forum planned for Wednesday, Feb. 26 hosted by the Council of Community Associations could be the only opportunity for candidates to meet each other directly. Hopefully this happens, as voters deserve the chance to see candidates in the flesh discussing the issues that are important to them. It’s important not only that all forums offer all candidates the opportunity to present their side for voters, but also that candidates prioritize these events as a way to get in front of their intended constituents.

Royal Palm Beach residents will have an opportunity to watch mayoral candidates in action on Tuesday, Feb. 18 when the Town-Crier hosts a candidates forum at the Royal Palm Beach Village Meeting Hall beginning at 7 p.m. The forum will be televised on RPB’s Channel 18, but residents are welcome to attend and submit questions for the candidates.

No matter where you get your election news — in person, on the television, online or in this newspaper — make a point to be informed on the candidates and the issues in your area. Then be sure to vote. In local elections, one vote can truly make a difference — and it’s as important as ever to have your voice heard.


  1. If candidates do not show up to these meetings/forums to share their views and answer questions, then they do not deserve to be in elected office.

    It was absolutely shocking that 2 Wellington candidates for council positions did not show up for the traditional forum that former TV newcaster Jim Sackett hosts in Wellington.

    It is a disservice and disrespectful to Wellington voters and hints at what one can expect from these 2 challengers.

    No show at a candidate forum = No show to residents’ concerns.

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