Oxbridge Juniors To Study At Cambridge

Juniors at the Oxbridge Academy will soon get to experience college life at the University of Cambridge, due to a specially tailored program by the university’s Institute of Continuing Education. The independent high school in West Palm Beach will launch its own “Cambridge Scholars Program.”

During the two-week study abroad trip in March, Oxbridge Academy students and faculty will first stay at Madingley Hall before moving to one of the Cambridge colleges in the city center. They will learn from Cambridge faculty, participate in cultural and educational excursions, and be immersed in a study of leadership as reflected in British history and literature. The group will examine patterns of British leadership and discuss how it could serve as a model for current and future generations.

The 15 students selected for the inaugural trip were chosen through a competitive application process out of an applicant pool of more than 113. Students were required to research one of the royal dynasties of Britain and prepare a short video on the topic. A panel of Oxbridge teachers evaluated the video projects and then interviewed the top finalists.

The following juniors were chosen to participate in the program: Keehle Amicon, Isabella Bergonzoli, Alison Bowlby, Claudia Canamas-Donnelly, Sarah Cook, Sam Dash, Ryenne Dietrick, Miriam Khan, Chase Morell, Gray Newfield, Matthew Ridgeway, Josemaria Silvestrini, Katelyn Slaight, Samantha Stein and Allison Taylor.

“The program aligns perfectly with Oxbridge Academy’s mission to provide a world-class, life-defining educational experience to students,” said Robert C. Parsons, the school’s president and CEO. “This trip will provide students with a first-hand view of how leadership and creativity evolved in Britain over several centuries. As we work to prepare our future leaders, there’s no better teacher than history.”

Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is one of the world’s oldest universities and is known for its outstanding academic achievement and research.

ABOVE: Oxbridge Academy juniors who will attend the University of Cambridge in March.