Attorneys Of Kelk Phillips Law Firm Bring Unique Experience

Kelk Phillips P.A. is a full-service Wellington law firm with flexible, accommodating hours, focusing on real estate law, wills and trusts, equine law and immigration.

Zachary W. Phillips graduated magna cum laude from Nova Southeastern University after earning his undergraduate degree in finance from Florida State University.

With his pilot’s license and aviation knowledge, Phillips is able to apply his moot court experience, law review and national trial association experience and legal experience to various areas of practice, including real estate, probate, wills, trusts, litigation, equine law, family law, aviation law and commercial litigation.

Laura Kelk Phillips traveled internationally to earn her degrees. She received her juris doctorate from Nova Southeastern University after completing a master’s degree in criminology at the London School of Economics in England, and receiving an honors bachelor’s degree from York University in Toronto.

Originally from Ontario, Kelk Phillips competes in equestrian show jumping, which makes her uniquely qualified to represent equestrians in legal matters, she said. Her extensive experience is applied to her primary areas of practice, including real estate, wills, trusts, probate administration, commercial litigation, family law and equine law.

“I’ve been involved with horses for 24 years now,” Kelk Phillips said. “I’ve done a lot of buying and selling, and I have been involved in the horse community.”

Having a lawyer experienced in equine law is important for people buying and selling horses, she said.

“There are a lot of deals that go bad because of failure to sign a contract, and people lose their friendships over deals that go bad,” Kelk Phillips said. “You can protect yourself with a contract — selling, buying or leasing. For example, you lease a horse and it gets hurt, then you give it back to your friend. If you have a contract with the terms on how to deal with that, then your friendship isn’t on the line. I’ve seen many friendships go bad because of a horse deal. The industry as a whole could be more protected with contracts.”

Her familiarity with the needs of horses provides her clients with a unique, insider’s perspective.

Immigration, work visas and green cards are important in the international equestrian scene, and her experience in this arena helps Kelk Phillips assess situations and determine the best route for clients.

“We are new to the area, a fresh law firm,” Phillips said. “We’re both extremely hard-working and passionate about what we do.”

Still in the early years of their law careers, the couple will be married two years next month. They have found unexpected advantages to a firm with young lawyers. For example, individuals looking to work on their probate wills and trusts tend to be older but look toward younger lawyers, who will be around in 20 years, to help them, rather than a lawyer their own age.

“I feel like with wills and trusts, equine and immigration, you’re helping people,” Kelk Phillips said. “That’s how we got started at those particular areas. You feel like you’re doing good.”

Kelk Phillips P.A. is located at 12230 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 110-W1, in Wellington. For more info., visit, e-mail or call (561) 515-0838.
ABOVE: Attorneys Zachary W. Phillips and Laura Kelk Phillips.