Morse Geriatric Center Named Among America’s ‘Best Nursing Homes’

Morse Geriatric Center, the skilled nursing facility of MorseLife, has been named among America’s “Best Nursing Homes” by U.S. News & World Report. The magazine publishes the list annually from data compiled from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which is the federal agency that sets and enforces the standards of care of nursing homes nationally.

In Florida, Morse Geriatric Center is among nearly 30 percent of nursing homes that have achieved an overall ranking of “five stars” from CMS. This ranking covers areas of measurement such as inspections, nurse staffing and quality of medical care. Morse received five stars in each of these areas.

“Florida is fortunate to have these facilities, which have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to their residents,” said Emmett Reed, executive director of the Florida Health Care Association. “Behind the increasing number of ‘Best Nursing Homes’ are improvements in clinical care and nurses spending more time with residents, all of which means a better quality of life for Florida’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.”

“Best Nursing Homes” provides data and information from CMS related to care, safety, health inspections and more for nearly every nursing facility in the U.S.

The ratings, which cover 16,000 nursing homes, show the share of nursing facilities nationwide with the top five-star rating has reached 25 percent, up sharply from 19 percent last year.

Visit to access the list of Florida facilities named “Best Nursing Homes” in 2014 and for more information about how the rankings are determined.

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  1. US News & WR just regurgitates the dangerous and flawed info from CMS ( Unfortunately most elders are under the gun when they have to choose a nursing home. The hospital is looking to dump them as quickly as possible. People who depend on US News believe US News is giving their rating. Of course the head of AHCA will tell you that there is improvement. It is a bald lie, and gives elders a false sense of security. If you believe David Gifford, I have a bridge to sell you.

    Jack Halpern,
    CEO, My Elder Advocate

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