WES Celebrates Science Fair Winners

Wellington Elementary School recently announced its 2014 Science Fair winners. The students worked diligently to conduct their science experiments and display their boards for all to see. They were also honored on the school news and presented with certificates for first, second and third place. Projects that won in the school science fair will be entered into the Palm Beach County School District Science Fair. Winners included: fifth-grade students Julia Croteau (Salt Life), Danielle Mills (Beach Blowout), Gabriel Rodriguez (May Day), Josh Miloch (Lacrosse: Hands Too High, Hands Too Low), Noah Groves (Marshmallow Madness), Jonathan Encarnacion (Strong Towels), Reilley Shea (Sink or Swim), Drew McSweeney (Slip and Slide), Jacob Fink (Sensitive Tongues) and Jaqueline Carrasco (Who Sinks the Fastest?). Shown here is Principal Dr. Eugina Feaman with the fifth-grade students holding their certificates.