DSOA Students Attend Leaders Summit

Most students took some time off for spring break, but not five Dreyfoos School of the Arts students.

During spring break, ninth-grade student Anjelica Abraham of Atlantis, 11th-grader Konrad Czaczyk of Loxahatchee, 11th-grader John Hench of Palm Beach, ninth-grader Uma Raja of Palm Beach Gardens and 11th-grader Amanda Zwick of Boca Raton joined approximately 700 other students from across the United States and China to attend the Global Student Leaders Summit in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The trip began by giving students the unique opportunity to explore China’s cultural and historical sites, while also observing its local schools and businesses. At the leadership conference in Shanghai, they heard from former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr., as well as Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg, co-hosts of NPR’s Planet Money.

All students worked on a two-day collaborative project to design a product to help alleviate poverty in developing countries. Raja was the overall summit winner for her design of a self-regulating bottle for purifying water.

Students also participated in workshops that explored economical concepts to build on their understanding of the global economy.

ABOVE: Dreyfoos School of the Arts students in Shanghai.