Equestrian Trails Students In Cook-Off

On Tuesday, April 8, four students from Equestrian Trails Elementary School and their physical education teacher were involved in a breakfast cook-off challenge at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

Coach Liza Asch is the program advisor for Fuel Up to Play 60, a national program sponsored by the NFL with the of getting kids active for 60 minutes per day, learning about health and nutrition along the way.

Four schools selected for the competition had to create a healthy, easy-to-make breakfast using dairy and protein. The school delegation arrived at Sun Life Stadium and were served a buffet breakfast on the Club Level.

Students were then taken into a luxury suite to be interviewed. The teams were then given 75 minutes to recreate the breakfast that they entered into the competition. The meal was judged on preparation, including teamwork and presentation, in addition to taste.

“We didn’t win, but the kids were amazing — cracking, beating and scrambling eggs, chopping and dicing vegetables and fruit garnishes, and making whole wheat toast,” Asch said. “I, myself, did more to prepare a meal with the students than I do for myself, and I loved every second of it.”

The students got to have fun with TD, the Dolphins’ mascot, and got to take home the aprons and chef hats. Their competition medals were awarded by Dolphin’s kicker Caleb Sturgis, who also autographed all of their stuff and then took them down to the field.

The students were fourth graders Matthew Haas, Michael Aronson and Tyler Roth, and fifth grader Soraya St. John. All four students are Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassadors at Equestrian Trails.

Roth found out that he is really good at cutting vegetables, while Haas loved hanging out with TD and was trying to get Sturgis to come watch him on the BMX track.

“The Gridiron Food Challenge at the Sun Life Stadium for Fuel Up To Play 60 was a great experience,” St. John said. “It taught me how to cook healthy while having fun. One of my many favorite parts was having fun with my team from my school to cook a healthy breakfast for the judges, along with meeting Caleb Sturgis and the two cheerleaders from the Miami Dolphins. I cannot wait to see what other challenge we can do to be healthy and active.”

Her mother, Maria St. John, said the program helps keep her daughter active.

“This program allows them to monitor their daily activities and teaches kids to learn and establish healthy eating habits while making it fun,” she said. “What better way to get kids excited and to challenge themselves to learn points for being active. As a parent, I am thrilled to hear my child coming home with excitement about being healthy and active, along with the many rewards that come along with it. Thank you to Equestrian Trails and coach Asch for getting kids motivated and excited about their health.”