Independent Imaging Offers The Latest Technology

Advances in early breast cancer detection have come a long way in the past ten years, as the doctors at Independent Imaging will tell you.

Dr. Eric Baumel, Dr. Jonathan Huber and Dr. Thomas Kirchner gather around the computer monitor to demonstrate the amazing detail in “breast tomosynthesis,” also known as 3D mammography.

Independent Imaging, located in Wellington’s Palomino Park, is the only site in the western communities offering this level of state-of-the-art radiology, including the tomosynthesis. The practice also has three other locations.

“Anything that can help us… and prevent a patient from coming back for additional visits, giving us a higher level of confidence with the results, is a very good thing,” said Kirchner, referring to the state-of-the-art technology.

“The breast tomosynthesis and 3D mammography is the only technical advance in decades in this field,” Huber added.

The doctors are excited about the technology, which is light years ahead of yesterday’s methods of detection. “We catch early cancers all the time,” Baumel explained. “And that’s the most rewarding part — when we can help patients find out exactly what’s wrong.”

Baumel outlines the challenges of radiology with today’s patients.

“When you talk about the key to good radiology, it’s basically a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ It’s all about finding the abnormality and putting it in the context of the patient.”

This includes knowing the patient’s history, any past or present conditions and understanding the whole context.

The three doctors are well-respected in the Wellington medical community and originally worked in the local hospitals. Each doctor has been working in the field of radiology for approximately 20 years.

Independent Imaging CEO Dr. Daniel Ghiragossian is proud of the excellent care, beautiful facility and successful results that Independent Imaging brings to patients every day.

“The caring quality of our staff is infused in all of them from day one,” he said. “If you treat everyone like you would treat your grandmother, you cannot go wrong.”

Ghiragossian constantly reminds his staff that when a patient is coming in for testing, he or she is probably nervous about it. “There is nothing that we won’t do to make sure that the patient is comfortable,” he explained.

If the technologist shows appreciation for the patients and what they are going through, they are able to get the testing done and work with the anxiety at hand.

“Customer service is the core of what we do here,” added Staci Martin, marketing and development manager for Independent Imaging. ”From the person who greets patients at the front desk to the technician who reads the data, they are ambassadors of good service for Independent Imaging.”

Independent Imaging has locations are in Wellington, Lake Worth near the JFK Medical Center, Palm Beach Gardens and Belle Glade.

The Wellington office is located at 3347 State Road 7, Suite 100. For info., call (561) 795-5558 or visit

ABOVE: Dr. Thomas Kirchner, Dr. Eric Baumel and Dr. Jonathan Huber.