RPBHS Students Win SECME Competition

Royal Palm Beach High School students won the regional district SECME competition to build and run a car powered by the energy derived from a mousetrap.

The following students competed against more than 12 other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) high schools throughout Palm Beach County: Stanley Bullard, Nick Bumgardner, Aziz-Abdul Clarke, Azana Clarke, Garryson Dalisien, Zachary Durick, Matthew Elleston, Alex Figoli, Owen Flannagan, Marianne Fortin, Kyan Gelin, Esteban Gutierrez, Nick James, Andrew Lange, Brenden Laureano, Tyler Lorenz, Edwyn Mansell, Anthony Matias, Devon Moore, Anthony Nguyen, Marco Portocarrero, Joseph Raghuraj, Carlos Scott, Ricardo Shippie, Jacob Sorkin, Adam Travaglini, Andrew Ulloa, Nathaniel Vera and Preston Wishart.

“This is exciting,” said Paul Miller, STEM Academy teacher and SECME advisor. “It is a privilege to win and continue to represent the district at the national level.”

Azana Clarke, Aziz-Abdul Clarke and Alex Figoli will travel to Alabama in June to participate in the national SECME competition. SECME competitions are designed to expose students to a variety of real-world applications for science and math, while generating interest and excitement about college and careers in STEM.

ABOVE: RPBHS SECME students with their winning project.