Wellington Chamber Names New Young Professionals Chair

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce has appointed Craig Young as chairman of its Young Professionals Organization.

Young is a corporate and tax attorney at Greenstein & Associates in Wellington. In addition to his new post, he is also an ambassador for the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

Young accepted this new role to be leader of the chamber’s latest endeavor in forging a strong business community for Wellington. The mission of the newly revamped Young Professionals Organization, or YPO, is to connect established business owners with young professionals looking to advance their careers.

While the YPO will continue the tradition of social networking mixers, the YPO will also include additional benefits. The first benefit is a job posting board on the chamber’s web site and seminars from community leaders. The YPO invites all chamber members to get involved in providing mentorship opportunities to those involved with the YPO.

By uniting motivated and ambitious young professionals with experienced leaders, the Wellington Chamber YPO aspires to create a solid mentorship program with the goal of enhancing Wellington as a whole by laying the foundation for young professionals to reach their maximum potential.

Whether you currently own your own business or are just beginning a new career, the YPO is a great organization to connect with and learn from like-minded individuals. Exclusive benefits of membership include access to top entrepreneurs in the community, career and internship opportunities tailored to YPO members, members-only networking events and more. The Young Professionals Organization strives to take the existing spirit of the chamber and infuse it with the knowledge and leadership needed to take a young professional’s career to the next level.

For more information, call the chamber at (561) 792-6525 or Young at (913) 209-9769, or send him an e-mail at craig.young1986@yahoo.com.

ABOVE: Craig Young