WES Kindergarteners Learn About Worms

On Thursday, April 3, kindergarten classes at Wellington Elementary School learned all about the world of worms. Trish Yancey from Fun Learning came into the kindergarten classes and taught about different variations of worms. Yancey explained to the students facts about the worms, such as how earthworms eat all kinds of leftover foods and paper towels, worms make dirt after they eat and that worms need to live in the ground. Each student was able to hold a red beetle worm. Yancey also taught them that the red beetle worm is not really a worm, but will meta morph into a red flying beetle. It was a fun, hands-on experience while learning fascinating facts about different worms. Shown here are Trish Yancey of Fun Learning, kindergarten teacher Sheila Frey and several of her students.