Royal Palm Beach High School Dancers Perform ‘Fame’

The Royal Palm Beach High School Dancers and the Wildcat Dance Team performed Fame on Thursday, May 1 in the school’s auditorium.

The dancers did 24 routines that included jazz, lyrical, adagio, hip-hop, musical theater and praise. Among the 100-plus dancers were 20 graduating seniors.

Bryce Blecher and Bianca Labady, the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team and RPB Dancers’ Principal Dancers and Grand National Champions in duet, gave their final performance dancing adagio, to a song they dedicated to their coach, teacher and mentor Michele Blecher, “To Mama B, The Home She Built.”

The Wildcat Dancers did a physically demanding jazz routine to “Black and Gold.” Period 4’s rendition of the song “Hot Lunch Jam” was fast-paced and fun when the dancers left the stage to hand out candy from their lunchbox props to the sold-out audience. Period 7’s “Mad House” was a crowd favorite.

Two other duets were also ranked as best of the show, “In This Shirt,” a contemporary piece by Andres Cazares and Stephanie Sanchez, and “Love Comes Through the Door,” a musical theater number performed by Bryce Blecher and Brittany Canales.

Period 5’s “Red Light” was masterfully choreographed with many formations artistically performed. Period 6 shined the light with a praise jazz dance, “Never Alone.” The audience jumped to its feet, clapped and danced to the grand finale, “Fame,” when all 100-plus dancers took the stage in unison for their final dance.

During the grand bow, a plaque was given by Michele Blecher to Phyllis Blackmon, the outgoing dance president, and pinned Crystal Causey as the new president. The captain, graduating senior Bryce Blecher, presented new captain Brittany Canales her bars and captain pin, then Canales pinned the new co-captain, Stephanie Sanchez. Michelle Blecher gave the honor dance students their cords and a trophy.

ABOVE: The RPB Dancers and the Wildcat Dancers.