Van Dell Delivers Exquisite Equestrian Sport Trophies

While jeweler Jack Van Dell has many talents and interests, one of his strongest passions has always been for horses.

Van Dell is a successful businessman, devoted to catering to his customers at the popular Van Dell Jewelers in Wellington and Royal Palm Beach. Besides the equestrian-themed jewelry that Van Dell sells, he also designs beautiful, high-quality trophies for equestrian sports.

Van Dell is the president of Van Dell Jewelers, which was started by his father John Van Dell in 1935 in Massachusetts. The store now has two locations in Florida to accommodate its customer base.

Besides his business, John Van Dell passed on his talent for designing and creating fine jewelry and trophies and his love for horses to his son. Jack Van Dell now manufactures jewelry featuring exquisite pendants in such shapes as saddles, boots, horses and bits. Van Dell’s trophies are just as intricate and well-made as his jewelry.

“We’ve been doing trophies for probably the last 40 years. It has been a big part of the business for a long time,” Van Dell explained. “It started out with yacht racing, because I used to sail boats a long time ago, so we did a lot of yachting trophies. Then it went from there to horse shows, then to polo. When I started playing polo, we started doing polo trophies, and now we do trophies for the U.S. Open, the Cartier and the Piaget Cups here at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, as well at the Grand Champions Polo Club.”

Van Dell takes great pride in his trophies, forming each one with careful precision.

“Each one is handmade, and we have probably the best workshop for this type of trophy in the country,” he said. “We can produce things that are really high-quality out of silver and other precious medals for a very reasonable price, and do it very quickly. That’s sort of the hook — we can do it for a good price and do it quickly.”

Prices for Van Dell’s trophies start as low as $35 and go up to nearly $5,000, depending on the trophy. Artfully designed trophies at a low price in a timely manner certainly makes Van Dell’s customers glad they chose his business.

For more information on Van Dell’s beautiful trophies and Van Dell Jewelers, visit or call (561) 753-7937.

ABOVE: Van Dell Jewelers is known for designing beautiful, high-quality trophies for equestrian sports.