Whole Foods Market Features ‘Pink Wines’

There probably isn’t a wine style that is more shunned and misunderstood than rosé wines, and Whole Foods Market is out to change that. With its Rosé Revolution taking place now through May 27, the company will shed light on the beautiful color, taste and versatility of rosé or “pink” wines from around the world to debunk some of the myths about rosé wines.

For example, pink does not always equal sweet. While blush and white zinfandel wines are sweet, more often than not, rosé wines are bone dry, fresh and acidic, and fruity.

Also, rosé wines are some of the most versatile food wines, pairing well with seafood, fish, cheeses, grilled chicken and even barbecue.

Florida Whole Foods Market stores, including the one at 2635 State Road 7 in Wellington, have favorite rosé wines available for a special price during the Rosé Revolution.

For more information, visit www.wholefoodsmarket.com.