Max Planck Gives Teachers A New Summer Program

Two exceptional science teachers, Lois Wise from the Dreyfoos School of the Arts and Kate Kilian from the Oxbridge Academy, are “going back to school” this summer thanks to a unique training program at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI).

MPFI’s elite teacher intern program gives educators with a solid background in neuroscience a behind-the-scenes look at the institute’s advanced research methods and shows them how to incorporate these concepts and techniques into their classroom curriculum.

Wise and Kilian previously attended a two-day teacher workshop held at the institute over the winter where MPFI scientists noted their diligence and dedication in learning advanced laboratory techniques. This summer, they will work alongside top-tier scientists to learn more about MPFI’s work unlocking the mysteries of the human brain. While the material is well beyond the high-school level, the teachers will gain valuable, practical experience they can integrate into their high school courses.

“Our teacher interns work directly with MPFI neuroscientists to develop new skills and knowledge to bring back to the classroom,” said Dr. Ana Fiallos, head of education outreach at MPFI. “For members of the science community, there’s no better learning experience than seeing a scientific concept in real-world application, and we want to provide that opportunity to teachers with MPFI’s novel techniques and technology.”

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