New Instructors Teaching Judo, Jujutsu At Genbu-Kai

Genbu-Kai Karate recently announced the addition of Japanese judo and jujutsu to its current programs. Instructors Sensei Mike Ferrante and Sensei Brad McAdam, both residents of Wellington, will be leading the classes.

Ferrante has been training for more than 25 years and holds the title of Okuri (first/section-degree black belt) in Miyama-Ryu jujutsu and first-degree black belt in judo. McAdam has been training in the martial arts for the past 14 years, including aikido and jujutsu. Currently, he is a second-degree black belt in Kokodo jujutsu and a first-degree black belt in Kamishin-Ryu.

For more information on classes, call (561) 804-1002 or visit

ABOVE: Senseis Brad McAdam, Keith Moore and Sensei Mike Ferrante.