Open Auditions For Global Prospective School

Global Prospective School (GPS) will hold open auditions for students ages 7 to 17 next month.

GPS is a unique learning environment different from any other school in Palm Beach County. In this democratic learning center, students are encouraged to be themselves, which allows them to express their ideas and put them into action in the real world. As a result, they become empowered by the feedback they receive and learn that they have the potential to effectuate change.

Allowing students to navigate their learning journey in a supportive, enriched environment develops genuine trusting bonds between the teachers and the students, school officials believe. This enables GPS to create relevant and meaningful learning and curriculum that goes beyond textbooks.

Studies show that year-round education and project-based learning is optimal for all students. GPS embraces these theories and practices and is a particularly advantageous environment for those individuals who are gifted and intellectually curious.

GPS’s synergy stems from Harvard Graduate School of Education Project Zero research, Habits of Mind theory and Maker Movement principles. The combination of these practices equips GPS students to be creative, think critically, collaborate and effectively communicate, thereby ensuring that they are prepared for the future.

GPS students also benefit from small class sizes, differentiated instruction, genius hour, visible thinking spaces and routines, global studies and international collaborative learning groups, and Whole Brain Teaching.

On Sunday, Aug. 3, GPS will be holding open auditions for students ages 7 to 17 to join the program. Optimal candidates are intellectually curious, academically talented, self-motivated, and enjoy thinking and learning outside the normal school paradigm.

GPS will only be accepting four new students for the 2014-15 school year, so interested parties must call (762) 218-3477 to receive more information and secure a spot on audition day.

More information is also available at