PBC Library Programs Win National Acclaim

Two Palm Beach County Library System programs were recognized by Urban Libraries Council’s at its annual Innovation Initiative, which features public libraries that inspire innovations and creativity in their programs.

More than 180 stories of innovation were submitted in 2014, including two from the county library system.

CreationStation was recognized as an innovation that created opportunities for community engagement and enhancing civic life. The digital media lab and recording studio is a place where you can learn to engage in a digital world and to effectively share work with the community.

Since opening, CreationStation has had steady use from patrons and staff, and features a web site that hosts locally produced content.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Outreach Initiative provided an opportunity to offer the public convenient access to marketplace enrollment, applications and educational information. ACA educational programming began in September 2013, and hundreds of people were enrolled due to the efforts of service librarians and their partners.