School District’s Child Find Awarded A Grant

The Palm Beach County School District’s Child Find program recently received a grant from the Palm Beach County CTA-Retired.

Child Find is a unique branch of the Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System designed to serve children with special needs or disabilities by supporting educators, families and communities. This is done by locating, identifying and obtaining services for children who have disabilities or special needs.

The group also promotes awareness of services for children and youth with disabilities, screens children and youth to determine evaluation procedures, and provides coordination, training and support to assist service providers. Child Find utilizes parent services, human resources and the latest technology in its mission of helping students with special needs.

When Child Find submitted its grant proposal, the Palm Beach County CTA-Retired saw the impact that such a grant would have on the children served by Child Find. Therefore, the Child Find team in the central area received a $100 grant to pursue its preschool literacy activity. The grant money was used to purchase books, bags, crayons and book marks.

ABOVE: Gilda Morgan-Williams, speech pathologist; Deborah K. Ricker, case manager; Alyssa Estornell, bilingual pathologist; and Dr. Kathryn Gundlack, pre-K psychologist, with some of the grant materials presented by Kay W. Brown, president of CTA-Retired.