Chamber Selected As NOAA ‘Ambassador’

The Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce has been accepted as a National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador. It is also the first chamber in southeast Florida to become an ambassador.

“Ambassadors are critical to building a Weather-Ready Nation,” said Louis Uccellini, director of NOAA’s National Weather Service. “We welcome the Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce as a new ambassador, committed to empowering the business community and others with lifesaving information about extreme weather events.”

NOAA seeks to collaborate with other organizations in innovative ways to maximize its efforts toward national resilience. Increased dialogue and information-sharing will result in more consistent weather safety messaging and improved communication with stakeholders and the public.

“The chamber shares our vision of building a Weather-Ready Nation, which will help local businesses in central Palm Beach County prepare and respond to hazardous weather,” said Robert Molleda, warning coordination meteorologist for the NWS Miami-South Florida office.

“The peak of South Florida’s hurricane season is Sept. 10, and October is the month when we get hit by the most hurricanes historically,” said Wayne Burns, CEO of the chamber. “We believe in public-private partnerships and want to be part of the solution to helping businesses bounce back after a catastrophic weather event, should one occur in Palm Beach County.”

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