Judo Academy Students Shine

West Palm Beach Judo Academy students recently participated in the 2014 Dragon’s Challenge at Atlantic High School in Delray Beach. Grace Vega, Hope Furdus, Elijah Ortiz, Julian Salazar, Ryan Agnew and Luis Gonzalez went to prove their judo techniques.

The Dragon’s Challenge has been held for 19 years, hosted by Tomodachi Judo and Palm Beach County.

Vega took a silver medal in the Girls 30 Kg. Bantam 1 division. She attends the Franklin Academy in Boynton Beach. Furdus took a gold medal in the Girls 30 Kg. Intermediate 1 division. She attends Freedom Shores Elementary School.

Ortiz took gold in the Boys 34 Kg. Intermediate 2 division, while Salazar took a silver medal in the Men’s Novice 66 Kg. division. Salazar is a student a the G-Star School of the Arts.

Agnew, who served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, took two golds in the Men’s Novice 81 Kg. and the Men’s Master Novice division. Gonzalez took a bronze in the Men’s Black Belt 81 Kg. Division. He is a student at Palm Beach State College.

For more information about the West Palm Beach Judo Academy, contact Hector Vega at hevl@yahoo.com or (561) 281-7902 .