Berean Christian School Adds Safety Patrols

As parents drop off children to Berean Christian School this year, they will notice more than just administrators greeting them. Under the direction of Student Council Faculty Advisor Sarah Stegall and student leader VastieMadestin, a junior at BCS, a group of sixth graders have been recruited to be safety patrols on campus.

The students’ responsibilities include helping with the newly implemented time card release pickup for the elementary grades, helping maintain order during pep rallies and various other leadership roles. Madestin, who works directly with the group, said that she enjoys helping the intermediate grades get involved in leadership activities that will prepare them as future school leaders.

“They are doing a great job, and I look forward to the many other areas that they will be used throughout the year,” Stegall said.

As a incentive, a “patroller of the month” has been implemented, with Andrew Kruppenbaucher being the first winner.

ABOVE: Members of the new Berean Christian safety patrols.