Wellington Boy Writes About Trips To India

Six-year-old Wellington Preparatory School student and Mensa member Nikhil Ramprasad recently wrote about his recent trip to India.

“One way to make the world better is to recycle,” he wrote. “For example, in India you have to pay for grocery bags or you bring your own bag for free. Bottles are given back to the government to be washed and refilled at the stores. I think America should bring their cardboard boxes from snacks and cereal back to the store to refill it. The snacks come in plastic protectors anyway.”

Ramprasad made two trips to India this year and spent about five months in total.

While there, he attended a local Montessori school that he had previously attended, and adapted seamlessly.

ABOVE: Ramprasad at the famous Chamundi Hill Temple in Mysore, India.