Wellington Grant Helps Beautify Thoroughfares

Beginning Nov. 1, the Village of Wellington will offer property owners along major thoroughfares assistance in replacing hedges affected by whitefly through the Major Thoroughfare Hedge Grant.

With this matching, reimbursable grant, property owners can apply to receive up to $500 in matching funds per address for removing and replacing hedges and installing irrigation.

Homes along the following thoroughfares are eligible: Aero Club Drive, Greenbriar Blvd., Big Blue Trace, Greenview Shores Blvd., Binks Forest Drive, Lake Worth Road, Birkdale Drive, Paddock Drive west of Big Blue Trace, Fairlane Farms Road, Pierson Road, Forest Hill Blvd., South Shore Blvd. and Wellington Trace.

For grant details, visit www.wellingtonfl.gov or call the Community Services Department at (561) 791-4796.


  1. Why wouldn’t Everyone be eligible to get $500 for hedging? This is discrimination: awarding funds to some Wellington residents and not other Wellington residents.

    The current and past Wellington Council have never solved the hedging problems in Wellington. This current group on the dais continues to pass the buck while the Village continues to look ‘sloppy’. Let’s hope a future Village Council will have the fortitude to bite the bullet and approve a capital project of walls along our thoroughfares.

    The hedging along thoroughfares AND collector roads need to be resolved! Calling the hedging a code enforcement problem is becoming an on-going joke in our community. It has gone on for decades.

    It’s time to start a setting aside monies, first for walls along Forest Hill Blvd, then Big Blue and then Greenview Shores. Homes along Collector roads in Wellington should get ‘grants’ to put in circular drives so they will not have to back out into traffic. That’s a safety issue.

    What about the black chain link fencing along Stribling Road by the Polo Club? Does the Polo Club not have to follow the same rules as the rest of the Village residents or are they special residents? Where is their improvement?

    And also, take a look at the little ‘ditch’ along Forest Hill Blvd. by St Michael’s and behind the Cambridge School. There is a section that is not being taken care of by either of these two entities. Does code enforcement not ‘see’ the wild growth off of our main roadway? Forest Hill Blvd should be pristine!

    And what about the weeds and unkept appearance on the southside of South Shore Blvd along the Polo Club homes beginning? Do these wealthy residents get a pass from having to tend to this strip of property? It’s shameful. What horrible neighbors.

    Absolutely sure, those residents in Bink’s Forest would like to see that strip of tattered landscaping across from Landings Middle School totally improved. Bink’s is a wonderful community with good upkeep in appearance but this scraggly area has not seen improvement.

    It’s going to take a whole new Council to get things improved in Wellington. Present and Past Councils do nothing but ‘talk’ and ‘talk’. It’s time for action.

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