Chamber Discusses Business Issues With Lieutenant Governor

Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera invited the leadership team of the Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce to join him for lunch at Flanigan’s in Wellington to discuss issues that affect Palm Beach County and the State of Florida.

Representing the chamber were Chairman Frank Gonzalez, CEO Wayne Burns and Executive Vice President Mary Lou Bedford.

Talks centered around three key issues: the competitive landscape between Florida and key states such as Texas, Georgia and North Carolina; the positive impact of the state-implemented micro-loans put into effect last year; and the need for the continuance of a positive pro-business and pro-economic development climate in order to remain competitive.

“The Central Palm Beach County Chamber continues to take a lead role in supporting the state’s economic development priorities by continuing its focus on retaining and expanding small businesses in Palm Beach County and working with elected officials and developers to create a business friendly environment to support Kelly Smallridge and the Business Development Board in their efforts to attract corporations to our area,” Burns said.

During the meeting, several local people stopped by to express support for Lopez-Cantera and Gov. Rick Scott. “Our time with Lt. Gov. Lopez-Cantera was very productive, and I enjoyed the added bonus of being in the company of Wellington Councilwoman Anne Gerwig and her husband, Alan, during lunch as well,” he said.

The governor’s office sees value in the Central Palm Beach Chamber because of the chamber’s large regional footprint and 1,200 member business base, further evidenced by the fact that Burns and Bedford have met twice so far this year with Gov. Scott.

The chamber has pushed for reductions in regulations and state legislated costs that impact small businesses, and also seeks to evaluate opportunities for local large-scale commercial development that will serve as an economic engine for job creation and enhanced municipal fiscal stability.