High-Tech PBSO Program At Golden Grove Elementary

Talk about high-tech, Golden Grove and KEC/Canal Point elementary school, along with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, are utilizing a Polycom video conferencing system to allow fifth grade students some 35 miles apart to collaborate on a STEM grant involving a mock crime scene investigation.

The collaboration, through use of the Polycom system, allows PBSO experts to deliver instruction and demonstrate crime scene lab techniques. This project has generated a great deal of excitement with the students about crime scene investigation, which utilizes science, technology, engineering and math skills to solve problems, as well as a deeper understanding about how their learning can be applied in the real world.

The PBSO will set up a car accident simulation as the final lesson. The simulation will take place at Golden Grove, where the two classes of fifth-grade students and their teachers will be the participants.

The PBSO will provide information to students weeks before the event to build background knowledge of what they will be doing at the crash scene. Students will be responsible to develop reports, analyze data, survey the crime scene, take DNA samples and develop a presentation to conclude their findings.

ABOVE: Golden Grove students use the video conferencing system.