Seat Belt Checks Show Improvement

Royal Palm Beach High School held a seat belt check on Nov. 5 and discovered that 24.5 percent of those coming into the school grounds did not have their seat belts buckled.

Following the seat belt check were daily reminders and a seat belt safety fair. Shortly thereafter, the school held a second unannounced seat belt check and found that 13 percent entering school grounds did not have seat belts on. The 11 percent improvement is encouraging to SADD Advisor Maureen Witkowski, who noted that the program seems to have had a positive influence on faculty and staff.

“The students were very pleased that the daily educational announcements and the seat belt safety fair were effective in encouraging more people to buckle up,” she said.

 ABOVE: Maya Williams, Marissa Premsukh, Leila Belakbir and Adecia Harrison during the seat belt check.