Two New Choice Programs At Frontier Elementary

Frontier Elementary School is excited to announce that it is now an Environmental and Animal Science Choice School.

The school’s mission is to foster environmental and animal science awareness among all elementary-aged children. To achieve this mission, students are taught science through the approach of inquiry and discovery through investigative hands-on exploration. Aligned to state and national standards, the program’s curriculum includes the study of life, physical, earth, space and environmental science.

Students engage in hands-on exploration of the phenomena being investigated in the school garden, small animal habitats and through field trips to discovery destinations such as the Grassy Waters Preserve.

The Fine Arts department works collaboratively with students on exhibitions of environmental and animal science discoveries that are presented to the public by the students during STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) nights.

Through the school’s science fair, students demonstrate their understanding of the scientific process and display scientific discoveries that emerged out of their own hands-on experiences in Frontier’s Environmental and Animal Science program.

An open house Wednesday, Dec. 3 from 5 to 7 p.m. will showcase the program. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary will be bringing animals to the school for show and tell. Vegetables will be for sale at the school’s green market. Program partners Red Barn and Wild Cargo Pets will also exhibit, while healthcare professionals will be on hand to promote health and wellness.