Choice Of Champions Conducting Holiday Contest

Recommended by veterinarians, professional trainers and champion riders alike, Choice of Champions International creates supplements for equines of every discipline. The Wellington-based company has a strong appreciation for the joy that healthy horses bring their human partners.

So, just in time for the holiday season, Choice of Champions is excited to introduce its newest method of giving back to the equine community — the “Friends Helping Friends Campaign.”

Through the campaign, Choice of Champions invites equestrians and horse enthusiasts to work together to give horses the top-quality supplements that they deserve. The “Friends Helping Friends Campaign” features a contest in which people can nominate deserving equestrians who may not have the financial means to provide their equine partners with the supplements that they need to keep them performing at their full potential.

Nominators can visit either the Choice of Champions International web site ( or Facebook page to enter a friend to win. The nominations must be in by Dec. 30, and contest winners will be announced Jan. 5. The two lucky winners will each receive an entire year’s worth of Choice of Champions supplements.

Choice of Champions owner and President Allyn Maix is excited to host this contest. “I’m grateful that I have a nice business, so this is my way of giving back,” she explained.

Maix is an avid horsewoman who has been involved in various aspects of the industry for more than 30 years. Her company was formed in 2006 and has specialized in manufacturing effective equine supplements ever since.

Winners of the “Friends Helping Friends Campaign” will be supplied with supplements such as Super Joint Solution, Ulser Shield, Lung Aid, True Sweat, Easy Does It and Super Skin Solution.

Many top international riders are devoted customers of Choice of Champions, including 2014 U.S. Dressage Finals Grand Prix Champion Devon Kane and internationally successful Danish rider Mikala MunterGundersen.

“I use the Super Joint Solution and Ulcer Shield every day. I feel that my horses in general are more healthy. I don’t have problems with ulcers, and I only rarely give joint injections,” Gundersen said.

Grand Prix rider and trainer Angela Moore is also a happy customer. “Happy horses make happy people,” she said. “Our horses are happy on Choice of Champions supplements.”

Maix is proud of her company’s reputation.

“The proof is in the pudding,” she said. “Unless you try our products, you’ll never know how much they can help your horse.”

Choice of Champions is eager to give the gift of happy, healthy horses through the “Friends Helping Friends Campaign.” To learn more about Choice of Champions International and its supplements, visit or call (800) 868-1077.

ABOVE: Two winners of Choice of Champions’ ‘Friends Helping Friends Campaign’ will receive a year’s worth of supplements.