Cypress Trails Hosts ‘Learning Celebrations’

Cypress Trails Elementary School held learning celebrations Nov. 24-25 to showcase the academic growth of students.

With the implementation of the Standards-Based Report Card, the school wanted to be able to share accomplishments that were personal to the individual student.

As the guests arrived, students greeted them with cider and snacks, and then escorted their families through a series of activities. Many students read with their parents and modeled how to “stop and jot” while kindergartners conducted “reader’s theatre.” Students led hands-on science demonstrations and taught their parents how to solve mathematical problems.

Some classrooms involved parents in the daily activities by having the students demonstrate the process for setting personal goals. Throughout the campus, student successes were showcased on bulletin boards and in their journals and writing folders.

In fourth and fifth grade, parents paused to write on the “encouragement wall,” and in fourth grade, there was a photo opportunity to “take a selfie” with their child.

ABOVE: Cypress Trail students and parents enjoy the activities.