Anidea Engineering Attends Career Day At Suncoast

Anidea Engineering Inc., a design and engineering firm specializing in the development of products and prototypes, participated in Career Day at Suncoast High School on Dec. 11.

Gabriel Goldstein, founder and owner of Anidea Engineering, met with and spoke to young, aspiring engineers and scientists about the future of the industry and how to take a project through the various steps needed to go from concept to completion.

“I always look for opportunities to meet kids these days and help inspire them the way that I was inspired at a young age,” Goldstein said. “You can always tell the kids that know they want to be engineers. They come right up and start asking the hard questions. It’s pretty cool to see.”

The visit is part of Anidea’s initiative aimed at fostering excitement and enthusiasm and encouraging local youth to enter the fields of engineering and entrepreneurship.

Anidea Engineering works on various projects, such as the Cytowave Equine Therapy System, the Firefighter Telemetry System, Gate Controller for Vehicular Access, the LED Marine Lamp and many more tangible systems that merge together technology, engineering and science. To learn more, call (561) 383-7311, visit, or visit Anidea’s new office at 8020 Belvedere Road, Suite 1.