Danish Pastry Co. Opens In Mall At Wellington Green

The Danish Pastry Co. is offering a double delight to American customers by opening its new pastry shop in the Mall at Wellington Green, along with its online shopping facility, catering and delivery.

The company uses original Danish dough, which makes it stand out from American-made Danish pastries.

With the implementation of baking and production techniques to prepare authentic Danish pastries, the company is confident of capturing the hearts of Americans. Together with globally popular coffee brand Illy, Danish Pastry Co. aims to give customers high quality for less money.

“We import the original high-quality Danish pastry dough directly from our expert bakers in Denmark to produce unprecedented real Danish pastries in the USA,” said Philipa Friedrich, owner of Danish Pastry Co.

The eatery offers approximately 25 different types of light-as-a-feather pastries with many different fillings, such as custard cream, almond paste, chocolate and cinnamon.

“We bake fresh throughout the day in the bakery in Hollywood, and now also in our newest location in the Mall at Wellington Green. Everything is prepared and formed in Denmark by the original pastry recipe, and we keep the daily stock low to guarantee that the pastries you will buy are very fresh — just from the oven,” Friedrich said.

The authentic Danish pastries are made with 27 layers of dough in each one, which make them flaky, light, tender, sweet and buttery.

“We take immense pleasure in satisfying the customers’ needs with a 100 percent guarantee,” she added.

Danish Pastry Co.’s staff believe the taste of their assortment of pastries will bring smiles on a daily basis, as they undertake orders for birthday, corporate and individually catered parties. All of the staff members are trained well, both for the baking and as baristas, to guarantee customers the best customized coffee and pastries — just like in Europe.

For more information, stop by Danish Pastry Co.’s shop in the Mall at Wellington Green near City Furniture or visit www.danishpastryco.com.