Martial Arts School Spreads Holiday Cheer At Royal Manor Nursing Home

On Wednesday, Dec. 17, the young men and women of Villari’s Academy of Martial Arts, under the direction of Ken Smith, visited the residents of Royal Manor Nursing Home in Royal Palm Beach.

The residents and staff members of Royal Manor made for an enthusiastic audience as the young martial artists sang Christmas carols.

In fact, the singers moved around to several different locations within the facility over the course of an hour to spread the holiday cheer.

The response from the residents was overwhelmingly appreciated. Some residents were very happy to sing along, and some residents even requested some additional Christmas favorites be sung. The young team of singers, along with their coaches, was up to the task and fulfilled all requests to everyone’s enjoyment.

Master Instructor Ken Smith, who runs the Royal Palm Beach martial arts school, said that his goal is to teach the youngsters about being supportive and caring to everyone in the community.

“To sing at the Royal Manor is another way our school and students can support our surrounding community in an enjoyable way,” Smith said. “Everyone wins. The students learn more about community service, and the residents always enjoy visitors and performances, especially at this time of year.”

Other coaches at Villari’s Academy in Royal Palm Beach also share their time selflessly in support of the young leadership team. They include Katie Bowen, Matt Evers, Romulo Frederick and Stacy Psaros. Smith thanks this unsung group for their tireless dedication in donating their time for the advanced learning of their students.

“These coaches are terrific in recognizing and developing the creativity each student brings to the table for the benefit of others,” he said.

ABOVE:  (Front row) Aidan Suttan, Lexie Soucy, Brea Campbell, Gianni Giordano and Hannah Barra; (back row) Gia Giordano, Leslie Vanaman, Elana Knox, Danny Giordano, Anthony Vitale and Eddie Stuart.