Memorial Dedication At Temple Beth Torah In Wellington

Members of #Hineini, the teen program at Temple Beth Torah in Wellington, planted an orange tree in memory of Lt. Hadar Goldin, an Israel Defense Forces soldier who was killed last summer during Operation Protective Edge. Hadar means “citrus” in Hebrew. The teens planted small flowering plants around the tree and decorated white rocks, which were also placed in the garden. A formal dedication of the memorial garden was held Monday, Dec. 22. Special guests were teenagers from the area who spent last summer in Israel and the Israeli teenagers they visited. Members of Goldin’s family were also present for the special dedication. Shani and Nir Boneh, volunteer Shlichim from the Israel & Global Initiatives Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, worked closely with Meredith Hirschberg, interim director of education at Temple Beth Torah to create the events. The religious school at Temple Beth Torah has many projects in place that continue to strengthen the bond between Israeli students and students in the school. Learn more at