Programs Through Seagull Services Help Area Teen Zachary Weber Thrive

Zachary Weber is like a lot of teens. The 17-year-old plays sports year-round after school, and on weekends, he works a part-time job. Every day, his father, Jim, drives him from their Loxahatchee home to his charter school, the Seagull Academy for Independent Living.

“After we found SAIL Academy, we never even thought about a different school,” Jim Weber said. “The staff there is dedicated to kids with special needs. For me, there’s no distance I wouldn’t drive.”

SAIL is one of the many programs provided by Seagull Services, an agency that provides numerous programs for individuals with disabilities. Zachary is one of many people from the western communities in Seagull’s programs, which in addition to the charter school include vocational training, life skills, residential housing, job skills and job placement services.

Zachary is an intern at City Cellar in West Palm Beach through a program that pairs Seagull’s students with students from Suncoast High School in on-the-job training.

“The manager there is amazing,” Jim Weber said. “The kitchen staff is great. For City Cellar to [participate in] a program like that is awesome. It gives Zachary a great sense of accomplishment. This entire work apprentice program is pretty special.”

Seagull was founded in 1979 as Seagull Industries for the Disabled by families just like the Webers who were seeking to improve the education and quality of life for their children and others with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Celebrating 35 years in Palm Beach County, Seagull Services is launching its inaugural fundraiser this year. Infusion Palm Beach is an evening of entertainment through the arts designed to celebrate the accomplishments of every individual whose life has been enriched by Seagull.

The event on Friday, Jan. 30 is headlined by the Jake and Elwood Blues Revue. The show captures the spirit of the iconic Blues Brothers duo.

Infusion Palm Beach will take place at the Borland Center for the Arts (4885 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens). VIP tickets are $125 and general admission tickets are $48. Sponsorship opportunities are available. For tickets, or more information, contact Elizabeth McDermott at (561) 842-5814, ext. 111, or

ABOVE: Zachary Weber is an intern at City Cellar in West Palm Beach through Seagull Services.