State-Of-The-Art Broadcasting Studio At TKA

The King’s Academy recently announced the launch of Studio 70, a state-of-the-art broadcasting studio.

The addition of media studies and broadcast journalism to the school’s curriculum will give students in grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to engage in every aspect of television and sound production.

“Media is the number-one influence on our society. The question is not if media will influence you but how media will influence you,” said Michael Schwartz, the studio’s technical director. “Through the new digital arts department, TKA will be training the next generation of content creators to influence their world, shining a bright light in a very dark world.”

Studio 70 contains equipment that utilizes the latest, most advanced technology in media production. The multi-purpose studio has three studio cameras with teleprompters, studio lights, as well as Chroma key green on three walls.

The control room is fitted with a video switcher, character generator, and audio board, all recording to solid state disks. There are four workstations fully equipped with Adobe software and two HD field camera packages.

ABOVE: TKA digital arts students at the TV desk.