Cardinal Newman Students Study Space

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, a total of 24 students from Cardinal Newman High School’s honors physics class and the robotics club went on an adventure to the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville.

After taking some photographs and passing by the Rocket Garden, the group headed to the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Shuttle Launch Experience. The sight of the orbiter, with burn marks from re-entry, and its robotic arm extended, was inspiring. It is housed with countless interactive exhibits and simulators the students enjoyed. The space center bus tour allowed views of the massive Vehicle Assembly Building, a Mobile Launcher Platform and two launch pads.

The tour took the students to the Apollo/Saturn V Center where the Apollo launch is recreated in the Firing Room Theater and a 363-foot Saturn V moon rocket is suspended from the ceiling. They ended their day with a breathtaking IMAX showing of the movie Hubble 3D. Cardinal Newman future scientists and engineers found the day both fun and inspirational.

Science Sizzles at Cardinal Newman — Through a grant from the West Palm Beach Office of Sustainability, the South Florida Science Center brought the Discovery Dome to Cardinal Newman on Feb. 25. In what is essentially a portable theater, students in select science classes watched the film The Earth and Me to gain a better understanding of how everyday choices influence the environment. Participating science classes included: AP environmental science, regular environmental and IB biology. Students who participated enjoyed the dome and thanked the West Palm Beach Office of Sustainability and the South Florida Science Museum for visiting.

ABOVE: Honors physics and robotics club students from Cardinal Newman High School at the Kennedy Space Center.