Equestrian Trails Partners With Projects For Haiti

Fifth graders at Equestrian Trails Elementary School are on a global mission to collect enough school supplies to send to Haiti so that students there can have the same opportunities as students here.

The classes of Joelle Cornelius, Maria Esopakis and Debbie Miller have come together to help Projects For Haiti.

Based out of Gainesville, the organization travels to Haiti and teach English and help train teachers, most of whom do not have teaching degrees. The ultimate goal is for the young people of Haiti to get an education and gain an opportunity for a successful future.

The philanthropy displayed by all students at Equestrian Trails has been overwhelming. Students and teachers have donated a wide range of supplies, from notebooks, pencils, glue and folders, to reading books and teaching resources.

To get involved, contact Projects for Haiti, P.O. Box 140691, Gainesville, FL 32614 or call (352) 325-3601.

ABOVE: Equestrian Trails Elementary School students gathered many books and supplies for students in Haiti.