Equine Salt Spa Brings Unique Therapy To Wellington

Equine Salt Spa, providing therapeutic respiratory salt treatment for equine athletes, recently announced an expansion of its world-renowned therapy to the equestrian industry in Wellington and South Florida.

Equine Salt Spa offers a one-of-a-kind respiratory salt treatment that enhances oxygen uptake, improves cardiovascular performance and helps horses reach peak levels of performance. Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and also has antibacterial and antihistamine qualities, making it an effective treatment in opening airwaves and improving breathing.

The salt treatment provided by Equine Salt Spa helps improve lung function by creating more efficient oxygenation of the blood through removal of mucus from the airways, resulting in carbon dioxide being removed more quickly from the horse’s system. A horse will begin breathing, resting and performing better as its airways are cleared of bacteria and mucus. Salt therapy also helps to clear fungal and non-fungal skin conditions.

The treatment is an all-natural, drug-free alternative to other respiratory medicines, making it a legal, approved treatment, in compliance with both USEF and FEI drug regulations. The salt used is 100 percent natural, and the therapy is one of the only natural, safe ways to improve equine respiratory performance.

With an outfitted trailer specifically designed to administer the treatment, the team at Equine Salt Spa has the ability to travel to clients for appointments and can tailor services to fit any client’s schedule. A specially designed and patented medical device, the Equine Breeze Tronic Pro, delivers finely micronized salt particles that horses breathe in during the treatment.

“The advantage of the mobile unit it is that it allows us to travel. We can go to barns, show grounds, wherever our clients need us to be,” said Sofia Benke, founding partner of the company. “We also offer our clients the ability to lease our medical device to install in their own barns or quarantines so that horses can receive the treatment on their own schedule.”

The device is very user-friendly, and the Equine Salt Spa team offers full training and maintenance of the Breeze Tronic Pro.

The Benke family began their aerosol salt treatment sessions as a business for human clientele. They started the Salt Cave clinic nearly eight years ago in London and have six successful clinics running in the United Kingdom, with a demand for more. “We were always interested in getting into the equine industry. We know the therapy successfully treats horses; we just never found the right way to go about it in England,” Benke said. “When we moved to Wellington, everything is about the horse, and we thought this is the right time and absolutely the right place to do it.”

The unique concept of the salt treatment is clinically proven, and the success of the clinics throughout the U.K. has gained national and international media attention for its effectiveness.

“There are not very many all-natural therapy treatments for horses, and salt is an ancient remedy for many of these problems. It can help them rest, recover and perform at their very best,” Benke said.

International Ecuadorean show jumper Russell Rodriguez was one of the first clients to try Equine Salt Spa and now uses it consistently in his horse’s competition routines.

“After a couple of treatments, I noticed that my horse was able to work better and harder. He recovered quickly and was able to get fitter faster with the salt treatments,” he said. “Now, I treat my horses before and after they show, and the results are clear. I would recommend the Equine Salt Spa to all of my friends and clients.”

The spa is located at 12008 South Shore Blvd, Suite 105. To learn more, visit www.equinesaltspa.com or call (561) 766-7076.

ABOVE: A horse leaves the Equine Salt Spa trailer after treatment.