Renaissance Charter School At Palms West Students Gain Some Pen Pals

Caitlyn Dowell’s fourth-grade class at the Renaissance Charter School at Palms West is currently writing pen pal letters to a school in New Jersey. They received these letters as part of their “Imaginary Balloon Launch.”

The launch started more than 25 years ago, where students launched latex balloons with attached postcards in hopes of getting a response from the finder. Due to the harmful effects latex balloons have on wildlife and sea life, the “launch” is now imaginary, and the students mail their questionnaires to schools throughout the 50 states.

Dowell’s students took time to reflect on their likes and dislikes and write formal letters back to the students. The class was excited to hear about New Jersey, a state near where Dowell grew up.

Old Mill Elementary School hopes to educate and encourage all children to contribute to the protection of the environment while also encouraging them to read and share their thoughts with other students across the U.S. Dowell’s class is patiently waiting to hear back from the students at Old Mill.

ABOVE: Local students prepare letters for their pen pals.