Wenham Joins Fire-Rescue Advisory Board

Former Wellington Mayor Tom Wenham was appointed to the Fire-Rescue Advisory Board by County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay at the Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, March 10.

Wenham’s term started immediately and ends on Sept. 30, 2017. He will be one of the seven members appointed to the board.

The board was created in 1992 by the authority of the Board of County Commissioners. The board’s function is to provide input on the effectiveness and adequacy of fire-rescue services including, but not limited to: the level of service, capital improvement projects and alternative funding mechanisms. It also provides an organized method for receiving citizen input on fire-rescue services.

Other goals include advising on existing and proposed services, assisting with inter-governmental relations, acting as an advocate to improve fire protection and emergency medical services throughout the county and to assist with problem-solving to remedy major policy issues or controversial topics in the community related to fire-rescue services.