Local YWCA Seeks Nominations For Grace Hoadley Dodge Award

The YWCA of Palm Beach County is seeking nominations for its 2015 Grace Hoadley Dodge Award.

The award is presented annually to a woman residing in Palm Beach County who has overcome adversity, and in the process has not only empowered herself but also created opportunities for and led other women toward their own empowerment. These accomplishments have been achieved with dignity and a commitment to peace, justice and freedom.

Grace Hoadley Dodge benefited greatly from the wealth of her family. In 1874, at the age of 18, she dropped out of Miss Porter’s School, having determined that her interests were in helping people in need. She taught for five years at the Children’s Aid Society in New York. She initiated tenement reform in 1879 and was instrumental in the development of the Kitchen Garden Association in New York, later reorganized into the Industrial Education Association that in 1889 became Teachers College. In 1886, she was given one of the first two seats for women on New York City’s Board of Education, and later served for six years as the first president of the YWCA of the USA.

Information required on the application includes the nominee’s name, address, phone number and current occupation, as well as the adversity she has overcome, how she overcame it and how she has helped empower others. The name and contact information of the person making the nomination is also needed. The award will be presented at the YWCA’s Purse & Passion Luncheon on June 2 at Bear Lakes Country Club.

Applications must be received by the YWCA no later than May 20 at: Grace Dodge Award Committee, YWCA of Palm Beach County, 1016 N. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. For more info., or to request an application, call the YWCA at (561) 640-0050, ext. 115.