Palms West Charter Students Prepare For Upcoming Trip

Fourth graders at the Renaissance Charter School at Palms West are gearing up to visit St. Augustine for their field trip in May. To get the students excited, fourth graders excavated chocolate chip cookies. Students pretended to be archaeologists and carefully excavate the “artifacts” (chocolate chips) from the cookie’s base. They then compared the activity to the excavation of the Castillo de San Marco, which uncovered the history of the famous fort. Students were asked to make inferences about the shape and location of the famous fort and the history that the archaeologists uncovered. Shown here, Jordan Dorvilus, Andres Gil, Daniella Holden, Dallyn Cinevert, Morgan Rimes, Rachel Zacharia, Adam Torres, Madison Backer, Sara Ornelas and Raelynn Rubright all working hard excavating their cookies.