St. Clare Catholic School Celebrates 50 Years With Fishing Tourney

In celebration of St. Clare Catholic School’s 50th anniversary, the school hosted its inaugural fishing tournament at the Sailfish Marina on Saturday, April 25, followed by a dinner and awards ceremony titled “Bash at the Buc” at the Buccaneer Restaurant on Singer Island.

The KDW Fishing Tournament had 54 boat entries, and more than 350 guests attended the event.

“St. Clare Catholic School’s Fishing Tournament and party at the Buccaneer, was the culmination of a year’s worth of celebrating the 50th anniversary of our school. The tournament was a fantastic way for us to bring alumni, past teachers and administration, parishioners and members of the community together for a family friendly event,” said Kathy Baumann, co-chair of the tournament.

Proceeds from the event will go toward a state-of-the art media center on campus. The KDW Fishing Tournament was a family-friendly event with a kids prize category.

The junior angler awards were separated into two categories, kingfish and dolphin. The kingfish winners were: Resse Gallagher in first place with 33.4 lbs., Drew Deferrari in second place with 17 lbs., Clare Borland in third place with 10.2 lbs., Abby Garber in fourth place with 8.2 lbs. and Andrew Bernsten in fifth place with 6 lbs. Dolphin winners were: Katie Borland in first place with 11.6 lbs., Tanner Gload in second place with 10.4 lbs., Jack Librizzi in third place with 10.2 lbs., Addison Gload in fourth place with 8 lbs., and Iggy Zulaica and Brandon Collum in fifth place with 6.6 lbs.

The adult fishing awards were divided into kingfish, dolphin and wahoo. The kingfish winners were: Jack Gallagher in first place with 52.8 lbs., Homer Zuluica in second place with 32.4 lbs. and Robby Lawson in third place with 30.4 lbs. Dolphin winners were: John Wurster in first place with 26.6 lbs., Michael Simms in second place with 17.2 lbs. and Cristina Silvester in third place with 15 lbs. Wahoo winners were: Noah Zabel in first place with 20.4 lbs. and Kyla Paul in second place with 12 lbs.

Major sponsors for the event included the Carr family, Penn, Pure Fishing, Source One, theNickler Group at Morgan Stanly, the Turdo Family, the Marine Industries Association, the West Palm Beach Fishing Club and Heritage 76 Corp.

ABOVE: Tommy Gallagher, Chole Gonzalez, Bobby Gallagher, Marina Wendel, Reese Gallagher and Jack Gallagher.