Meet Incoming Superintendent At PBCHS June 22

Parents, students, district employees and community members are invited to community meetings this month to meet incoming Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa and discuss opportunities for improvement in the School District of Palm Beach County.

The public meetings will be held from Tuesday, June 16 through Tuesday, June 30 at various schools throughout Palm Beach County, including Monday, June 22 at 6 p.m. at Palm Beach Central High School (8499 Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington). Meetings will include remarks from Avossa and round-table discussions with participants. The meetings will last approximately 90 minutes.

Registration in advance is suggested through the district’s Office of Engagement at (561) 357-7572 or


  1. Wellington High School needs to be replaced so that it appears just like Palm Beach Central HS and every other Rebuilt high school in the county.

    No new high schools should be built elsewhere in the county before Wellington High is brought up to the same standards as every other high school.

    Other new high schools are being planned (another Riviera Beach high school and Lake Worth/Boynton area high school on Lyons Rd), but Wellington HS needs to be replaced before any other HS are built!

    Where is our School Board member on this matter? Everyone hears School Board member Karen Brill talking about the Lake Worth/Boynton High School, but Marcia Andrews says nothing about a Wellington HS rebuild.

    Where are our Council members when it comes to advocating for a rebuild of Wellington High?

    Stop ignoring Wellington High School. The school needs to be rebuilt just to keep up with all the other high schools.

    Tell the School Board to sell off their banked land to get additional funds for a rebuild.

    But then again, each School Board member is only advocating for “their” district schools. That’s the trouble with having district school board members and also with having district County Commissioners. They’re not worried about your vote if you don’t live “their’ voting district so your cares and worries are not as important.

    Tell the new Superintendent that Wellington High School needs to be on the top of the list to rebuilt. Actually, Wellington HS is and will be the last high school to be rebuilt in the county. All others have been rebuilt.

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