World-Renowned Casting Director Appointed To Eagle Arts Academy Board

The Eagle Arts Academy in Wellington is pleased to announce that one of the entertainment industry’s most prolific casting directors, Ellen Jacoby, has joined the school’s board of directors.

Jacoby brings a long history of success and industry expertise to a school that aims to infuse practical knowledge and hands-on experience in production and performing arts, along with an exceptional academic environment.

As founder and president of Ellen Jacoby Casting International, Jacoby has worked with a many notable Hollywood directors, including Ron Howard, Tony Scott, Steven Soderbergh, Sidney Pollack, Bob Zemekis, Mike Nicols, Michael Bay, Martin Scorsese, Garry Marshall, James Cameron, Joe Roth and Tony Scott. Jacoby’s casting credits include Ali, The Waterboy, Out of Sight, The Truman Show, Birdcage, True Lies and Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, to name a few.

A native of Miami, Jacoby’s agency encompasses the global film, television and commercial arenas.

“Ellen Jacoby is an icon in the entertainment industry,” said Gregory James Blount, the school’s founder and chairman. “With her degree in education, she is a wonderful asset to help serve on the board of the Eagle Arts Academy.”

Named “Woman of the Millennium” by Miami Metro Magazine, Jacoby has also had the honor of being appointed to the Film Advisory Board by Gov. Jeb Bush, and is currently the vice president of the Florida Film Production Coalition.

Founded in 2013, the Eagle Arts Academy is a tuition-free charter school for the performing and production arts driven by the belief that an arts-infused curriculum provides opportunity for intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and social growth while cultivating essential skills and enhancing a child’s creativity and imagination.

The Wellington school is for children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Offering students a functioning TV production studio, digital animation studio and dance studio, the Eagle Arts Academy continues to engage industry leaders who understand the importance of technology and art in education.