Sparring At Sunshine State Games Brings Medals For Taekwondo Team

The tournament team from the World Taekwondo Center in Lake Worth competed in sparring at the 2015 Sunshine State Games at the Palm Beach County Convention Center earlier this month under the coaching leadership of Master Luciano Cesario.

The team won a total of eight medals, five gold and three silver, during fierce fighting. Olympic-style scoring criteria is used during the two-minute bouts. Competitors are awarded three points for a head kick with an additional point for turning/spinning technique to the head, two points for turning/spinning kick to the body and one point for all other legal scoring actions. And in addition to skill and speed, competitors must show good sportsmanship.

“It was a very fast-paced tournament,” said Lily Landstrom, 10, who won gold in the girls red belt division. “I liked the variety of people to spar against. Winning there made me feel more accomplished.”

Nicholas Maldonado, 10, won gold in the boys red belt division. “The Sunshine State Games are bigger and better organized,” he said. “It means more to win there than at other tournaments we’ve been to.”

Now entering its 36th year, the Sunshine State Games is an amateur sports tradition in Florida and nationwide. Conducted under the auspices of the Florida Sports Foundation, the mission of the games is to provide quality competition for Florida’s amateur athletes of all ages. Participants travel from all parts of Florida to compete in a variety of skill levels and age groups, youth to adult. Each sport features both men and women competitors.

World Taekwondo Center is located 6680 Lantana Road. Master Gina Anacletto established the dojang in 1997 to coach students on the journey of being a black belt.

For more information about the World Taekwondo Center, visit or call (561) 434-9700.


ABOVE: The 2015 Sunshine State Games sparring tournament team from the World Taekwondo Center included (left to right) Evan Medina, Nicholas Maldonado, Carlos Villa, William Moffett, Nicholas Miller, Lily Landstrom and coach Master Luciano Cesario.