Wellington To Change Water Disinfection

Residents in Wellington’s water service area may notice a slight chlorine taste and odor in their drinking water from July 27 through Aug. 10. This is due to a temporary change in the water disinfection process.

The water disinfection process will change from a combined chlorine treatment to a temporary free chlorine treatment. Periodic use of this temporary treatment process is recommended as a precautionary measure to ensure that water remains free of bacteria. The temporary conditions will not cause adverse health effects.

Due to the change, specialized users of water — such as tropical fish owners, residents with pools, businesses, hospitals and blood/dialysis clinics — may need to make adjustments in order to maintain their water quality parameters.

The temporary treatment process will be discontinued on Aug. 10. If you have any questions, call Water Treatment Facility Supervisor Karla Berroteran at (561) 791-4037 or Village Engineer Bill Riebe at (561) 791-4000.